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About safety at sea
About oil tankers and FPSOs
About atom bombs, moon travel and 9/11, etc.

M/S Estonia

M/V Joola

M/V Al Salam Boccaccio 98

M/V Costa Concordia

High Safety at Sea

Fast Resuce Boats are unsafe

Why do new passenger ships suddenly lose stability and roll over?


Learning from Marine Accidents

Why capsized ships float

Fast Rescue Boats and Piracy

The Coulombi Egg Oil Tanker

The Coulombi Egg FPSO

M/T Erika

M/T Prestige

M/T Limburg

Better FPSO Safety

A 911 Conspiracy Theory

The Heiwa Challenges

US Navy Seals

The POUFF, POUFF-theory

911 and WTC1

911 and WTC7 - Evidence made secret!

Why an Atomic Bomb does not work!

Is it possible to travel to the Moon?

The Odeon Tower

House for sale

Progressive global collapse mitigation of any structure (EMI - Evanston, 8/2013) - censored by EMI/ASCE!