The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria 2014-2019

The strange story of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi - Fake News! As usual!

by Anders Björkman


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Below are my incorrectual (!) and heretical evidences of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the ISIS hoax based on personal research, critical thinking and common sense.

Everyone has heard about the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, ISIS, or the caliphate ... or whatever it was/is called. It appeared out of nowhere June 2014, and July 2014 an unknown Iraqi - Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi - called on all Muslims in the world to join him in northern Iraq and middle Syria to build the ISIS. Main stream media reported everything. When I inform media of anything, result is zero.

Here is my understanding of the ISIS hoax.

It got off to a good start. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and 300 followers first conquered Mosul in Iraq, the Iraqi army and local police there, >100 000 persons - ran away and left all its US made, military equipment for ISIS. The same with the national bank of Iraq at Mosul. ISIS could collect some US$100's of millions there. Jackpot!

Soon after ISIS started a worldwide propaganda campaign via local mosques everywhere ... supported by media!

Come to ISIS and enjoy true Muslim and Islamic freedoms. All expenses paid! It was similar to the state of Israel 1948 where poor Jews from all over the world could settle (and kill the local Muslim and Christian Palestinians).

The local Iraqis at Mosul had no chance. They were all Sunni muslims and were left to carry on as usual, as long as they obeyed Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. And the ISIS propaganda worked fine assisted by media! All expenses paid! Free housing, social and medical services and schools at ISIS were offered. Plenty poor and stupid African, European and Asian Muslims travelled to ISIS via Turkey in the north. Turkey apparently liked ISIS. And all expenses were paid! And the African, European and Asian countries from which the Muslims came were happy to get rid of them.

The Syrian government at Damask and the Iraqi government at Bagdad had other local problems and left ISIS alone for some years in the beginning. Only problem was the Kurds in the north. They didn't like ISIS at all as ISIS wanted to get rid of them.

Soon, 2015, 1/3 of Iraq and 1/2 of Syria were under ISIS control from Kabane in the north at the Turkish border to the suburbs of Bagdad in the south.

The newcomers were however all enrolled into the ISIS army, etc. and and were trained to kill local Christians and Kurds and looting and raping poor people. There were also, suddenly plenty, strange terrorist attacks in Europe, USA and Asia and ISIS always said it was behind them.

The result was that USA (Obama) and allies decided to attack and destroy ISIS (and Syria) militarily starting from Jordan and south Iraq. And soon, 2019, the ISIS was defeated. Most ISIS followers were killed or ended up in war prison camps. It became a mess. What to do with all these stupid ISIS people still alive, many of which had become criminals?

Trump (or somebody looking like him) tells the media how he killed a terrorist, his wives and children

(Note that at 42.13 in the video Trump says that WTC at NY was blown up 2001 = controlled demolition!!

US President Trump visited Afghanistan Thursday 28 November 2019 to dine (turkey!) with ~13 000 soldiers and meet his puppet Afghan president Astraf Ghani. Trump is at the same time discussing 'peace' with Afghan resistance Taleban (the pre-2001 government) that previous US presidents call 'terrorists'!

Trump had a month earlier told media what he does with ISIS 'terrorists' in Iraq/Syria! He kills them. In cold blood. Trump (left) likes to talk about it! Already 20 years ago Trump wanted to kill Bin Laden. Now Trump wants to kill the son of Bin Laden. In front of media! What a stupid person. 48 minutes of ... shit. He must be a paid actor! And media didn't ask any real questions!!!

Maybe Trump will one day understand that the present, tragic situation in Afghanistan is due to incompetent and criminal staff at various US departments and agencies back home at Washington/DC 2001? Taleban controls the country 2019 and the US soldiers are locked up in their bases like prisons even if they can murder Afghans. Taleban simply demands all US soldiers leave the country!

US military losses against Afghan terrorists so far are >2 000 dead and >20 000 wounded with no victory in sight.

Trump maybe planned also to visit Iraq and his soldiers there Friday 29 November to celebrate the defeat of the ISIS, but the US puppet Iraq president Adel Abdel-Mahdi resigned from office that day. US military losses against Iraqi terrorists and djihadists so far are >4 000 dead and >30 000 wounded with even less victory in sight.

Personally I think the US wars against terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are Fake News. US started the wars with all sorts of excuses like Bin Laden and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, then kills Bin Laden and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, etc. Wars won! But there is no evidence that Bin Laden and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi are dead. Just stupid announcements to this effect by US Presidents known for producing Fake News at press conferences!

I think Bin Laden and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi were US agents that now live under new identities in the USA. Same as US nuclear weapons 1945, the cold war 1946/90, US space trips 1950/60s and the 911 show 2001 shows. All Fake News. Every time. There is no bis like the fake show bis.

Isn't it a nice, big, old conspiracy theory?