Heiwa Co. Services.

The objective of Heiwa Co. is to assist ship owners and shipping companies with particular solutions to technical and operational problems, which arise and cannot be handled by the normal office and the ship staff. Heiwa Co. always tries to find the simplest and most economical solution, based initially on first principles, innovative thinking and actual conditions and what the client wants to achieve, which is then checked against rules and requirements. Using this method the result is often that the safety exceeds the minimum rule requirements and that there are cost savings.

Ship Management Audits and Inspections.

Heiwa Co. does audits of ships under management by specialized companies to verify that the contractual agreements are fulfilled.

Heiwa Co. inspects ships at the request of buyers, banks and charteres to verify the actual condition, equipment, systems and certification are in order.

Ship Project Consultants

Heiwa Co. acts as project consultant with newbuildings, conversions and repairs working closely with the client's staff. Heiwa Co. develops or reviews the specification of the work and can assist with initial design and design development. Heiwa Co. may assist with the negotiations with the shipyard and can participate in the supervision of the works.

Heiwa Co. has particular experience of major conversions and repairs executed by a number of subcontractors and can take on the responsibility that the complete work is in compliance with the expectations and rules and regulations (class and IMO). Conversions may affect the safety of the whole ship and Heiwa Co. ensures that all aspects are considered.

Heiwa Co. has particular experience from Scandinavia, Japan, Middle East, Ukraine and the Mediterranean area.

Heiwa Co. has limited capability of computerized stability calculations, drawing (ACAD) and structural analysis using FEM particularly for oil tanker design. Heiwa Co. considers that tanker design shall not only consider strength (stresses and buckling) and fatigue but also elastic deformations, which may break down the protective coating, and locations of welding seams and butts.

Ship Safety Development

Heiwa Co. takes pride in trying to achieve the safest and most economical solution of ship design and operation. Heiwa Co. used Formal Safety Assessment (FSA), before it was adopted by the IMO, as a guiding principle of its work and one result is the Coulombi Egg tanker, which provides environmental protection exceeding that of double hull using much simpler and safer arrangements. The work was initially based on the investigation of >200 tanker collisions, which confirmed that most damages were in the exposed, upper side (about 50% of all damage was located above the waterline only, even if this area is only about 25% of the total side) and that this area had to be arranged as a wide damage absorbtion zone with the main and mid-deck acting as shock absorbers to protect the cargo. To develop the particular Egg structure took a long time using FEM, etc. Also intact and damage stability checks of all load condition permutations took a good effort.

Heiwa Co. has designed, got Class approval, and manufactured and fitted a large number of life boat davits to extremely competetive costs.

Most ships can be made safer and more economical by a fresh approach using first principles and FSA. The difficulty is the many variables involved of a floating, intact ship, not to mention a damaged ship, which means that ship safety development work never ends. It is a circle - ships can always become better and safer. Heiwa Co. tries to learn as much as possible from past accidents, which explains its independent investigations of the Estonia and Erika accidents. The findings, which do not always concur with the official ones, have nevertheless been used to improve the safety of a number of ships. Heiwa Co. considers that Double Hull for very large tankers was a step backwards, as the concept was not tested. Double Hull works for small tankers but the risks associated with big ships need still to be resolved.

Heiwa Co. looks forward to work with new clients.

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