M/S Costa Concordia incidents January 13-14, 2012
or was it only one staged, crazy incident with Moldovan participation? We are living in a crazy world


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People ask me the following amazing, crazy question:

"Did the four Costa Concordia incidents - contact, capsize, sinking, killing people - really take place or was it only one staged, strange incident and is this Moldovan dancer real?"

There are people that really ask me the above, simple question. I don't know the answers. All is a mess!

Some people find everything I have explained in my 13 parts report not convincing.

To start with they do not believe the events in the wheelhouse - the Master's magic steering show - prior the accidental contact with the Italian Master shouting orders to an Indonesian helmsman in English - all based on some strange voice recordings, while the Voyage Data Recorder was out of order or disconnected - in front of a small audience of admiring on-lookers including a Moldovan dancer - to do a very simple, slow, starboard change of course in the dark evening that normally would take less than two minutes. It is not difficult to steer or turn a ship.

There are no real evidences that this show or these events took place as established by experts afterwards! The voyage data recorder was disconnected! The six minutes wheel house steering show is based on voice recordings and is not convincing and the 30-60-172 minutes show that followed are equally strange. If the cruise vessel really proceeded close to the shore as suggested, it should have grounded and structurally damaged the flat bottom and flooded the double bottom tanks and stopped outside Le Scole island stuck on the rocks. Ships do not fly by vertical objects underwater and do not scoop up big 100 tons stones in the vertical side!

So there was no 'turning starboard show'!

So there was no contact suddenly ripping open the vertical, port side, so that thousands of tons of water could up-flood three, four or five hull compartments as suggested by experts and judges, while the ship continued onwards. If it were the worst case, the ship would have capsized at once in deep water ... and all aboard would have drowned ... and the ship would have floated upside down. It didn't happen! No, after the mysterious contact the ship was floating, stable and upright.

All reports of engine crew reporting water in the engine rooms are fake!

So there were no underwater hull damages to the port hull side and no leakage of water into the engine rooms!

But didn't we all later see the below damages with our own eyes?: 

Close up of the very unusual port side shell structural damages aft of M/S Costa Concordia between top of bilge two meters above keel and one meter below waterline, i.e. the vertical extent of damages was about 5 meters. The ship had say 8 m/s speed, when it suddenly turned hard starboard away from the shore; the port vertical aft ship side swung hard towards the shore and made contact with a submerged rock at frame #125. The ship continued forward, while pressing hard against the rock, a 4 meters tall boulder of which got loose and was dislodged in the damaged side forward of frame #52, i.e. about 44 meters aft of the initial contact point. The contact lasted less than 6 seconds. Due to this contact between hull and rock the side plate fractured and the upper side plates and the lower bilge plates were deformed and pushed inboard. Some steel structure in between the fracture edges disappeared as debris and formed a big hole, where water entered at high rate. Later somebody removed the white painted debris forward of the granite rock boulder; maybe it was a piece of the watertight bulkhead at fr. #60? The damages can ... and should be ... re-inspected in drydock at Genoa November 2016 ... if they can pump the drydock empty? Imagine that the Master did this all by himself! I am still very curious to know how a sudden physical contact could produce these structural deformations, fractures and removals of debris of a ship side. I doubt the Master did it.

Photo: Anders Björkman xxxx The port side damages aft of Costa Concordia between top of bilge and one meter below waterline

The structural damages in the port side one meter below waterline down to the top of the bilge including the impressive boulder seen later (after capsize and sinking) had apparently been arranged previously in dry-dock and the ship had been sailing around with them for several months. As they were below water all the time, they could not been seen. The inside of the ship side must have been intact. The engine crew didn't suspect anything.

The port side damages aft of Costa Concordia between top of bilge and one meter below waterline are 60 meters aft of the undamaged, extended stabilizer fin! It should have been ripped off, if the ship was really turning close to any underwater obstruction

No, an explanation - wild or fancyful - is that there was only a crash stop - full astern - to simulate a contact at 21.45 hrs followed later by the lights being switched off - a Black out - that all aboard observed. After the mysterious contact the ship was floating, stable and upright. Nobody had died!

The intact ship was apparently steered to its final position outside Punta Gabbianara, where it anchored in perfect view from the port and shore with the bow heading towards Porto Giglio as seen on many photos. All strange simulations of the ship proceding north, turning 180° and drifting helplessly south due to wind and the hand of God and/or currents popping up on the Internet later are false.

Imagine that! Crazy?

The Master and senior officers apparently assembled at the Emergency Control Centre in the wheel house (deck #7 fwd) to coordinate the activities with the Moldovan dancer looking on. They decided to get rid of all passengers aboard and send them home as the ship was damaged - Black Out - and food could not be provided. Some officers and seamen should stay to await the ship being towed to a port for repairs. Noone expected the ship to capsize and sink.

After a while a General Alarm was raised aboard and the passengers and staff (there were only <1 000 and not >4 800 persons aboard) were told to prepare to Abandon ship. All lifeboats should then be lowered to embarcation deck #3. Only a handful of people aboard knew that it was a staged event. The others were just assisting the show!

A very reliable witness to explain an incident at sea

In the meantime sea valves were opened to flood starboard double bottom tanks, so the ship heeled to starboard - towards the shore - and later more sea valves were opened flooding aft, dry hull compartments to trim the ship on the stern, while stability was reduced to zero due to free water in the hull. Illegal watertight doors were open to allow progressive flooding of intact hull compartments so free water spreaded.

While this happened - according to the Moldovan dancer - she had a romantic (!) walk with the Master to the uppermost deck - #14? - awaiting a helicopter to take them away!!! They were lovers!!!

What a joke! The emergency meeting was over. And they were going to fly away.

When about only 700 persons (not 3 500+) had left the ship using 23 lifeboats and no life rafts, there was a capsize to starboard at 00.32 hrs the next morning and the ship crashed onto the shore and rocks and damaged the starboard side. 300 persons were still on the port upper side and rescued later to add to the drama.

The Moldovan dancer apparently took a lifeboat (not a helicopter!) in the end after dressing warm in the Master's cabin.

A couple of hours later the ship sinking took place outside Punta Gabbianara (due to downflooding of all intact hull compartments) with the port hull side above water showing the impressive (fake, unreal) structural damages to the world. Many people thought they didn't look real. Part one of the show was over. But they forgot the stabilizer fin!

The <1 000 'survivors' including the Moldovan dancer arriving at Porto Giglio during the night left next morning with the local ferries to the Italian mainland, where busses waited to bring them to Rome airport and they were flown home in the afternoon by the ship owner. None were interviewed by any accident investigators. The few hundred inhabitants of the port hardly saw them or the Moldovan dancer! Media reported what they had to report. All was the fault of the Master!

Later followed part two of the show: fake reports of experts of all kind incl. some stability experts from Strathclyde university, Glasgow. Then part three: trial of the Master with the Moldovan dancer telling fairy tales in court. And part four: removal of the wreck from Isola del Giglio to Genoa. And part five: re-cycling of the wreck at Genoa. It was completed May 2017 by sinking the wreck outside Genoa! And part six: the appeal at Florence. It started 28 April 2016 and Schettino was sent to jail for 16+ years.

But why would anyone arrange a fake sinking of a ship? Of course there are ship owners sinking their ships as part of insurance frauds, but it takes place at sea away from curious eyes. Drugs? Well, it seems plenty people have made a lot of money from the incidents mainly paid for by insurances. And the owners of the company are very weak. Somebody should ask the Master what he thinks about it! And the Moldovan dancer. The court awarded the poor little girl 30 000:- damages for her participation in the show! I feel more sorry for Schettino's daughter Rosella seeing daddy in jail for 16+ years.

Anyway, the hypothesis of fraud could easily have been verified, when/if the wreck was finally in dry-docked at Genoa for final, complete re-cycling. It was planned to happen summer 2016 but was delayed to 2017. With the wreck in dry-dock - hull completely empty of water inside and out - it was possible to inspect the 25 illegal watertight doors, the sea valves and the inside of the alleged port side structural damages below waterline ... and ... plenty people did not like that. So it was never done!

One day (night?) the wreck was towed out to sea again and was sunk May 2017!

Doesn't the above sound crazy? Well, everything happens at sea and I have experienced plenty but nothing as crazy as Costa Concordia 2012-2018. Crazy shipowner, crazy senior management, crazy senior officers aboard, crazy ship, crazy authorities ashore, crazy judges, stupid media, etc, etc.