All about the James Webb Space Telescope, it's first image of the end of the Universe and planet Jupiter, ridiculous space flights from Earth to the Moon, Lagrange Point #2, planet Mars and their orbits and trajectories in a Universe full of invisible Black Holes, gravity forces, visible quasars, pulsars and gravity waves, methane ice on planet Pluto and similar nonsense.

Also about why the Sun orbits our planet Earth and regularily collides with meteorides. Finally my simple explanation of the purpose of everything

by Anders Björkman


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Welcome to my incorrectual (!) website about all magic, mystic, strange nonsense we are told there is in space and on Earth since early 1900. My findings are based on personal research, critical thinking and common sense. Hope you enjoy it and get upset. It is quite funny! The article is long with some illustrations, so take your time to read and study it.

Very little real, true information about space is available during the last 100 years! Most is simply invented for entertainment. Nobody knows how the Universe came about and what stars and galaxies really are.

No human beings or bullshit have been in space since 1957 to today 2023, in spite of at least 10 US presidents and most NASA people stating the opposite at various times. They were lying as usual every time.

Only idiots fly in space. There is no way to land on Earth again.

The US presidents just say, what their speech writers have invented, and they are encouraged by plenty other bullshit people lying about the Universe.

Human beings cannot travel in space as there is no way to return safely to Earth. Only American actors fly in space, i.e. in Hollywood studios. Below are some examples of complete space nonsense.

Let's start with the James Webb Space Telescope, the JWST. According to astrophysicist David Elbaz of CEA operating the telescope, it can study bright galaxies that were formed 500-600 million years after the Big Bang creating the Universe that took place 13 800 million years ago. These galaxies are thus 13 300 million years old and can be studied by the JWST. Complete nonsense of course! Then study my other web pages:


1. The Big Bang theory

2. The Milky Way galaxy

3. Theories of relativity

4. James Webb Space Telescope

5. The ESA Planck project

6. Dust in space

7. Optical Extinction in space

8. Pluto

9. Earth

10. Tidal disruption event

11. Gamma ray astronomy

12. Ultima Thule assteroid

13. Orbits are real

14. The speed of light

15. It is difficult to change orbits

16. Massachusetts Idiotic Technichians

17. What orbits what?

18. Gravity

19. Black Holes

20. Gravitational Waves

21. A little about Particle Physics

22. The Electric Universe

23. Single-atom Analysis, can cause Material Damage


1. Big Bang theory

The official lie or guess (the Big Bang theory) is that space/the Universe all began with a small singularity, that then inflated (?) over the next 13.8 billion years to the Cosmos or Universe that we (don't) know today and complete idiots fly around in. Our Solar system in the Milky Way galaxy came about later. The Milky Way galaxy contains according 'experts' between 200 and 400 billion stars/solar systems and at least 1.000 billion planets. Our planet Earth is one of them and is located immobile at the center of our Solar sysetm, where it only rotates 360°/24 hrs. Imagine that!

Then there are billions of other galaxies in the Universe! It is a big place! There is however no evidence of a Big Bang!

After the creation - the singularity enabling this Big Bang - there was only hot radiation or light or photons, while hydrogen and helium atoms were created out of nothing a little later (or had been compressed into the singularity earlier), we are told to believe. More about atoms here! Of course there was never any Big Bang! It is a human invention and fake news! The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) is thought to be leftover radiation from the Big Bang, or the time when the Universe began according 'experts'. Listen:

As the theory goes, when the Universe was born (sic) it underwent a rapid inflation (?) and expansion (?) (i.e. prices and volume increased). The Universe is still expanding today, and the expansion rate appears different (?) depending on where you look. The CMB represents the heat or radiation left over from the Big Bang. You can't see the CMB with your naked eye, but it is everywhere in the universe. It is invisible to humans because it is so cold, just 2.725 degrees C above absolute zero (minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, or minus 273.15 degrees Celsius.) This means its radiation is most visible in the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

You should wonder what idiots or 'experts' invented that? Aha, NASA! To keep its Hollywood/Stanley Kubrick show going! Invisible, eternal photons on a silver screen in a dark movie theater.

The early, Big Bang atoms then formed stars that were ignited and burnt billion of years creating more photons out of nothing. These early stars then collapsed into themselves and exploded supernova style last seen 1604 in our Milky Way galaxy, when all other atoms were created, e.g. coal, iron, uranium and gold. Later other planets like our Earth were formed out of these atoms. Imagine what ridiculous fairy tales people invent! And people believe in! Any way, visible galaxies were formed to look at today.


2.The Milky Way galaxy

The Milky Way galaxy with planet Earth in the center was however not really discovered until 1785 by William Herschel, a German, when he looked at the sky one night. He soon found out that it consisted of billions of stars.  The Milky Way galaxy itself is a barred spiral galaxy with an estimated visible diameter of 100,000-200,000 light-years, but only about 1,000 light years thick at the spiral arms (more at the bulge). It is estimated to contain 100–400 billion stars and at least that number of planets.

Located only 7,600 light-years away from Earth, NGC 3324, is a young, star-forming region of the Milky Way Galaxy full with glittering stars, we are told by NASA! According NASA these stars are formed just around the corner from Earth and JWST just filmed them! The image is amazing:

"JWST reveals emerging stellar nurseries and individual stars that are completely hidden in visible-light pictures. Because of Webb’s sensitivity to infrared light, it can peer through cosmic dust to see these objects. Protostellar jets, which emerge clearly in this image, shoot out from some of these young stars. The youngest sources appear as red dots in the dark, dusty region of the cloud. Objects in the earliest, rapid phases of star formation are difficult to capture, but Webb’s extreme sensitivity, spatial resolution, and imaging capability can chronicle these elusive events".

So stars are right now formed just 7 600 light years away from Earth!

Edwin Hubble, an American, studied astronomy at Chicago 1910, and when he watched the Milky Way galaxy in the sky one night 1919, he found that it was not one galaxy but billions of galaxies. But he never saw any stars being formed.

Imagine what you can find by looking at the sky! Neither Herschel nor Hubble realized that planet Earth was immobile but rotating at the center of our Solar system in the Milky Way!


3. Theories of relativity

As asstronomical phenomena were discovered or invented (!) during my youth, such as quasars (1963), the microwave background radiation (1965), pulsars (1967), and the first black hole candidates (1981), the theories or principles of relativity explained their attributes, and measurement of them further confirmed (?) the theories of relativity, I am told! What a coincidence!

To be perfectly clear I do not believe in any theories of relativity 1905/15 or an atomic bomb (!!) 1945 invented by Albert Einstein, a German, and that his theories can be confirmed and proven (sic) by funny observations then and today in the Milky Way galaxy and the Universe. His bomb was just fake! Einstein simply invented most things including theories to impress stupid people to collect Nobel prize money, etc.  Einstein never realized that planet Earth was immobile at the center of the Solar system in Milky Way!

You can read Einstein's book about his theory yourself. It is not a doctoral thesis reviewed and approved by peers. One crazy idea of Einsten was about a swimmer with speed v m/s in a pool on a moving barge with a long pool (length l meter) and speed c m/s in the water. Depending on direction of barge speed c, the time for the swimmer to swim l varied!! Einstein didn't understand that, when the swimmer jumped into the pool at the stern of the barge and swam towards the bow, the trim of the barge changed on the bow and that all the water in the pool flowed forwards ... sinking the barge!

Einstein's idea is that, what you see on Earth by just looking, doesn't work in space/universe outside Earth, where (1) lines are no longer straight but bent, and (2) you don't know what time it is, and (3) there is mysterious "matter", m, to consider, density of which is not known. You cannot trust your own senses!!! Reason is the speed of light c (300 000 000 m/s) and that you have to adjust, what you see, with the square of c, i.e. c times c or , and what you on Earth see in the Universe happened a long time earlier somewhere far away, until it happened to reach your eyes at the speed of light!

God old Newtonian physics/mechanics describe events on Earth and some simple dynamics of planets orbiting the Sun and moons orbiting planets in space due to gravity forces, that are easy to understand. Actually the Sun orbits Earth! Einstein never understood it. Einstein had not read The Earth Stands Fast of 1900.


Einstein's theory of special relativty describes physical phenomena in the absence of gravity in space is just fantasy. Celestial objects with mass fly around in space at the speed of light with densities many times greater than gold!! The only thing that flies around in space at that speed is light itself! Nothing else. By the 1920s, the small physics community understood and accepted the special relativity fantasies. They rapidly became a significant and necessary tool for theorists and experimentalists in the new fields of atomic physics, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics and other fantasies.

Einstein's general relativity explains the law of gravitation and its relation to other forces of nature, it is said. It applies to the cosmological and astrophysical realm, including a singularity creating the Universe 13.8 billion years ago and similar asstronomy but doesn't prove anything and especially nothing about the creation of space, light, matter and the Universe.

Einstein ended his career as a poor Princeton university professor to teach fake science fiction to paying students! He died 1955 at the age of 76 after his aorta burst causing internal bleeding, in spite of his aorta had been reinforced by surgery already 1948 to prevent bursting, I have learnt. I am 76 and doctors say my aorta is weak and need reinforcement! But I feel fine.

Not to be outdone by Einstein, Niels Bohr invented his principle of Complementarity around 1927! It was complete nonsense as most principles at that time. Depending on how you looked at an electron, it was either a wave or a small particle, bla, bla!


Much later Andrei Sakharov tried to be smarter than both Einstein and Bohr. Listen!

Sakharov's parents were fanatic, opportunistic Stalinists, i.e. the only way to survive at Moscow in the 1920/50's, so little Andrei could study Stalinist physics at university 1938/43. He earned a PhD in 1948. In mid-1948 Sakharov participated in the Soviet atomic bomb project under Igor Kurchatov and Igor Tamm how to falsify basic physics. 1953 he designed, built and tested the first USSR hydrogen bomb! Sakharov soon saw "striking parallels" between his fate and those of J. Robert Oppenheimer, Edward Teller, Einstein and Bohr in the US that had faked the a-bomb 1942/5. Sakharov never felt that by creating nuclear weapons he had "known sin", in Oppenheimer's expression. He just did what he was told!

Already in 1951 Andrei invented and tested the first explosively pumped flux compression generators, compressing magnetic fields by explosives (!,?,LOL). Sakharov called these devices MK (for MagnetoKumulative) generators. The radial MK-1 produced a pulsed magnetic field of 25 megagauss (2500 teslas). The resulting helical MK-2 generated 1000 million amperes in 1953. It ignited the fake Stalin hydrogen bomb! Imagine that!! After 1965 Sakharov returned to fundamental science (LOL) and began working on particle physics and physical cosmology. Since the late 1950s Sakharov had become concerned about the moral and political implications of his work, he writes in his memories.

In May 1968, Sakharov completed an essay, "Reflections on Progress, Peaceful Coexistence, and Intellectual Freedom". He described the Soviet anti-ballistic missile defense as a major threat of world nuclear war. After the essay was circulated in samizdat and then published outside the Soviet Union, Sakharov was banned from conducting any military-related research and returned to the drawing board to fake fundamental theoretical physics.

1972 he married for the second time. And 1975 he received the Nobel Prize of Peace. What a joke. 1980 he was exiled to Gorki. 1986 he could return to Moscow. 1989 he was murdered, so he could not tell all what he had done and falsified in his life. What a sad life. Western media could never report it then or later, of course. You have to read it here.

Once upon a time I studied forces acting on moving ships and their structures in the stormy interface ocean/air on Earth, and it is much more complicated than any relative fantasies!

I fully support real human observations as a tool to understand things and I do it myself by looking out of windows of my home on Earth every morning using my eyes. Other people have observed and filmed the Universe since early 1900. There exist plenty images of the Milky way and many other galaxies. They prove nothing.


4. James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope, JWST, is probably located in a geosynchronous orbit at variable distances above Earth's equator. The JWST can therefore only film Earth at various heights below it. According NASA JWST is orbiting Lagrange Point L2, but it is not so.

2022 the secrets of the Universe and its stars & whatever (quasars, pulsars, black holes, etc) was therefore filmed by the NASA/ESA fantasy, US$ 10.8 billion James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) in the other direction away from Earth. It is expected to cost NASA $9.7 billion over 24 years. Of that amount, $8.8 billion was spent on spacecraft development between 2003 and 2021; $861 million is planned to support five years of operations/filming. Adjusted for inflation to 2020 dollars, the lifetime cost to NASA of the JWST will be approximately $10.8 billion. It can only take small pictures of the Universe and the first picture was available July 12, 2022!

After one year in service, August 2023, the JWST has not found any trace of life in the Universe away from Earth! Only images of no values!

NASA had therefore already 8 July 2022 listed five cosmic targets that represent the first wave of full-color scientific images and spectra the JWST has gathered as the official busteginning of Webb's general science operations. Some of it I can see from my window. No objects flying around at the speed of light are on the list.


Located only 7,600 light-years away from Earth, NGC 3324, is a young, star-forming region of the Milky Way Galaxy full with glittering stars. According NASA stars are formed just around the corner from Earth and JWST just filmed it! The image is amazing:

"Webb reveals emerging stellar nurseries and individual stars that are completely hidden in visible-light pictures. Because of Webb’s sensitivity to infrared light, it can peer through cosmic dust to see these objects. Protostellar jets, which emerge clearly in this image, shoot out from some of these young stars. The youngest sources appear as red dots in the dark, dusty region of the cloud. Objects in the earliest, rapid phases of star formation are difficult to capture, but Webb’s extreme sensitivity, spatial resolution, and imaging capability can chronicle these elusive events".

So stars are formed just 7 600 light years away from Earth!


5. The ESA Planck project

But let's not forget the ESA Planck project (50 underpaid European students) that concluded 2013 that the Universe was 68% dark (black/unknown) energy, 27% dark (black/unknown) materia and 5% of normal, visible things like galaxies, Black Holes, the Mediterranean Sea, atoms, etc. that you can see looking out of a window. I really wonder what energy and materia JWST can see!

So far the only JWST image of the end of the Universe is below: 

US President Joe Biden unveiled above image of galaxy cluster SMACS 0723, during a White House event Monday, July 11 2022. However, Joe added that the image just covers a patch of sky (?) approximately the size of a grain of sand held at arm's length by someone on the ground (?) - and reveals thousands of galaxies in a tiny sliver of a vast Universe. Actually the image - 150 million pixels - is a composite of 1000's of image files ofl galaxies outside the Milky Way galaxy.

I just see plenty dots and lines of different colors and shapes, locations and speeds of which are unknown, and we are not told where the moving JWST is and where it is looking.

I myself have seen and taken similar photos of the sky from my own bedroom window since >40 years without alerting USA, FBI or CIA.

JWST's sharp (?) near-infrared view (?) brought out faint (!) structures in thousands of extremely distant galaxies, offering the most detailed view of the early universe to date. A flurry of bright white galaxies is stirring up this scene – captured in high resolution by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, (JWST), I am told. But I only see plenty dots and lines, etc.

According Mme Nicole Nesvadba, Centre National de la Recherche Scientific at the Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur around the corner from me, the image above shows the depth of the Universe with the sources (?) of the early Universe in the back. The image also proves (!) the Einstein theories of Relativity with its gravity lenses that cannot be seen with a naked eye, etc!! She is just lying!

But listen! Known as galaxy cluster SMACS 0723, the group of galaxies 4.6 billion light years away, i.e. far, far away from the Milky Way galaxy, is also bending and warping the light from more distant galaxies behind them, stretching and repeating (??) their appearances, I am told. Imagine that!!! JWST’s near- and mid-infrared imaging – and highly detailed data known as spectra – will allow future (?) researchers to finely catalog the precise compositions of galaxies in the early universe, which may ultimately reshape (?) our understanding of how galaxies changed and evolved over billions of years, bla, bla, bla! There are just billions of galaxies, so it will take time to study them all.

I think the image/picture is a worthless joke. It is just a snapshot taken last week and doesn't show any early Universe 4.6 billion years ago, when our Solar System was formed, or 13.8 billion years ago, when the Big Bang took place. And there is no sky, where JWST is in space. A sky is the region of the atmosphere and outer space seen from Earth outside my window.

JWST has 14 July 2022 taken an infra-red photo of planet Jupiter and moons The famous red spot is white! The black spots are moons and not holes! There are no stars in the background!

"Combined with the deep field images released the other day, these images of Jupiter demonstrate the full grasp of what JWST can observe, from the faintest, most distant observable galaxies to planets in our own cosmic backyard that you can see with the naked eye from your actual backyard,"

an expert explained. I agree. I can see Jupiter from my window.

"I couldn't believe that we saw everything so clearly, and how bright they were, it's really exciting to think of the capability and opportunity that we have for observing these kinds of objects in our solar system,"

another expert added. Hm, the moons just looked like black holes!

"JWST was designed with the requirement to track objects that move as fast as planet Mars, which has a maximum speed of 30 milliarcseconds per second",

a third expert said. It is really a funny speed. When I observe Jupiter from my window it just looks like any object lit up by the Sun.

I myself have also seen the Andromeda galaxy outside the Milky Way from my window using my eyes. It is not named after me. Plenty people have seen it too.

Now I await a JWST image of the end of the Universe!


The JWST is 2022/32 reportedly slowly orbiting (LOL) the Sun/Earth Lagrange Point #2 (L2) using a "trim/stabilisation flap" in space (see picture above). The Lagrange Point #2 is 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, whic means it takes about 500 seconds for a signal to reach it from Earth at the speed of light. With an ISIM and an OTE it can film the end of the Universe billion light years very far away and objetcs in space at the speed of light (!!!), we are told. But let's face it - the JWST only orbits Earth to start with. See here for more about this fact.

Light (!), i.e. photons arrive at the speed of light from the end/begining (?!?) of the Universe or any cosmic target and hit 18 primary mirrors of the JWST, which bounce the light to one secondary mirror, which bounces the light into a module of scientific instruments, where the light is analyzed by the JWST or becomes an image of the end/begining of the Universe or the cosmic target being observed. After analysis it takes 500 seconds to send the image to Earth from L2.


6. Dust in space

The Universe is often imagined to be completely empty from A to Z apart from billions of galaxies, stars and targets, but there is, apart from light, in fact matter between them. Cosmic dust! Some asstronomers call this matter the InterStellar Medium or ISM for short. Dust sounds dirty and not clean or unscientific. ISM is in the space between the star systems in a galaxy. The ISM is very cold and much less dense than any vacuum created in a laboratory on Earth. Imagine that there are many different vacuums in the Universe and one is full of light and dust!!!

The temperature, i.e. the hotness or quality of being hot of the ISM/dust is typically 100 K, while the gas and light can be as cold as 10 K, I have been informed. Because of the low temperature of the ISM, in order to observe it directly, it is necessary to use the JWST that is able to detect light at wavelengths that are longer than visible light (i.e, infrared and radio).


7. Optical Extinction in space

Since part of the light is lost (???), all stars/targets in the Universe will look fainter than expected by the JWST according experts. This phenomenon is known as optical extinction. So light is lost in the Universe due to dust and gas!

Dust grains only absorb and scatter light whose wavelength is similar to their size, I am told by NASA; longer or shorter wavelengths are not affected and simply pass through the dust. How gas absorbs light is not clear either.

The Milky Way galaxy, where we on Earth are at the center, has a diameter of only 100 000 light years, and our Sun is actually quite far from the centre, at a distance of about 26 500 light years.

The JWST is however just some light minutes away from Earth and Sun and the beginning and end of the Universe are billions of light years away ... if they exist.  

The JWST uses 132 small motors/actuators to position and occasionally adjust the mirrors as there are few environmental disturbances of a telescope in space. Each of the 18 primary mirror segments is controlled by 6 positional actuators with a further ROC (radius of curvature) actuator at the center to adjust curvature (7 actuators per segment), for a total of 126 primary mirror actuators, and another 6 actuators for the secondary mirror, giving a total of 132. The actuators can position the mirror with 10 nanometer (10 millionths of a millimeter) accuracy. Imagine that! 

I doubt the JWST will see anything new in the Universe. It will be lost on the way. Or any target at the end of the Universe, say 20 billion light years away, is too far away to be seen by the JWS Telescope at L2. When I contact the JWST people, they never reply:

The JWST is pure nonsense, of course!

8. Let's have a look at planet Pluto!

Maybe it can see planet Pluto (right) and its moon Charon, which is only 5,5 light hours away in our Solar system.

It means that the light of the Sun takes 5.5 hours to reach Pluto, and efter being reflected there, needs another 5.0 hours to return to JWST or so. But there is nothing to see on Pluto. It is a dead, frozen planet just at the end of our little Solar system. The picture (right) is taken close-up by a NASA spacecraft (New Horizons) that managed to fly to Pluto and take photos 14 July 2015. The trip took 9 years.

The North telescope at the Gemini Observatory, Hawaii, using the speckle imaging technique for better clarity, have taken worse pictures.

All info about planet Pluto is pure nonsense in my opinion.

Planet Pluto - no real atmosphere and only some methane ice at the poles. I wonder where this methane ice came from!! Pluto looks like the back of the Moon!

Steven Weinberg was another person that attempted to explain the early stages of the Universe after the Big Bang. Early in his book The First Three Minutes Weinberg explores the origins and implications of the Hubble constant and addresses the evidence collected for the expansion of the Universe. He then tells the story behind the discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background. After giving the reader a basis of understanding of astrophysics and particle physics, in chapter 5, Weinberg lays out the makeup of the Universe after its origin in a series of frozen frames. All Nobel Prize nonsense, of course! But some true facts.


9. Earth

Our planet Earth consists of a thin skin or crust on the top full of coal, iron, uranium, gold, plenty water, you and me on dry land, etc. Below the crust is the core that nobody really knows what it is! Or if it is solid or liquid, hot or cold. Now and then there are cracks in the crust and hot, liquid lava and magma spills out on Iceland, Japan or Hawaii or the Canary Islands. No geophysicist has been able to explain where the the heat of the lava comes from!

Most ideas about the Earth are therefore pure fantasy, but plenty pseudo-scientists have got Swedish Nobel prizes about it, e.g. the inventor of the CMB fantasy above. Sweden is great to produce pseudo-science!

The Nobel prize physics pseudo clown 2020 was Roger Penrose. He showed mathematically (!) back in 1965, based on Einstein's hypothesis of relativity, that Black Holes not only exist (?) but that one such singularity created the Universe 14 billion years ago. It is the only evidence! Some mathematics! On a piece of paper! Imagine that! Sounds like Fake News and religious propaganda to me.

Roger Penrose is however supported by
Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez. They shared the 2020 Nobel Prize physics as they say that they have seen (!) stars eliptically orbiting at very high speeds the only (invisible !) Black Hole in the center our Milky Way galaxy = a Black Holes exists ... even if you cannot see it. Fantastic! Typical Swedish Nobel propaganda = no evidence of anything. Same thing happened 2021. The prize was awarded “for groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of complex physical systems”, i.e. for inventing pseudo-science fiction fantasies.

My alternative theory of everything in the Universe is described below.

Astronomers find plenty strange things in the Universe:


10. Tidal disruption event in space

A tidal disruption event (also known as a tidal disruption flare) is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when a star approaches sufficiently close to a supermassive Black Hole and is pulled apart by the Black Hole's tidal force (?), experiencing spaghettification (?), I am told. It must be a joke.

But in September 2019, scientists using a TESS satellite announced they had witnessed a tidal disruption event of the star ASASSN-19bt, 375 million light years away. Imagine that! It was a long time ago at a far distance. 

AT2019qiz is a tidal disruption event (TDE) that occurred at a distance of only 215 millions light years (65 megaparsec), from Earth. Imagine that! Isn't it far away? 

Can we trust these asstronomers?

NASA has plenty info about our planet Earth, the Sun and our Solar system in our Milky way galaxy in the Universe since many years: 

Earth orbits our Sun, a star.

The Sun is the center of our Solar system.

Earth is the third planet from the Sun at a distance of about 93 million miles (150 million km) or 1 AU.

A day on Earth is 24 hours because Earth rotates 360° around its poles in that time.

Earth makes a complete orbit around the Sun in about 365 days (a year in Earth time).

The Sun's mass is about 333 000 times that of Earth.

The Sun contains about 99% of the total mass of the Solar System. It is the reason why all planets and asteroids orbit the Sun.

(If Earth was orbiting the Sun, that some people suggest, the Earth's mass must be 333 000 times that of the Sun. The Earth local gravity force would then be so great that nothing could leave Earth. It is one reason why little Earth orbits the big Sun. according NASA.)

Laika the dog was the first Earthling to orbit Earth aboard the Soviet Union's Sputnik 2 in 1957. She did not survive the trip.

A few years later, the next two Soviet space doelivegs - Belka and Strelka - became the first living creatures to return from space alive - paving the way for future human explorers.

However dogs Belka and Strelka never returned from space 1961, if they ever were there. They were just communist propaganda and/or FAKE NEWS! A re-entry is not possible. NASA tells plenty lies about space since its beginning. Earth is not orbiting anything!

NASA is not serious!


Nobody knows the mass of the Sun as nobody knows how the atoms are stored inside the Sun and its core! There are only assumptions of densities, temperatures, pressures and forces, etc, and that some sort of nuclear fusion occurs there and that photons are ejected as light and heat to be seen and felt by us humans on Earth. But there is no evidence about the Sun that we orbit around.

Most people believe that the surface temperature of the Sun is 10.000 K, and they get upset when simple physics show that the temperature away from the Sun is 4.500.000 K. As we do not know the mass of the Sun, it is not certain that our solar system actually orbits the Sun. It could be the other way around! Let's face it! We know virtually nothing about the Sun. It is a mystery.


However, when in orbit around the Sun or Earth, there is no way to change it and travel somewhere else. Once in an orbit, always in an orbit.

Or to return and safely land on Earth again. You are going too fast.

Prove me wrong and earn Euro 1 million! It is a Challenge! (Of course it is impossible to win my Challenge).

As JWST started from Earth, it will always orbit Earth.

My idea of the the location of the Earth in the Solar system and the Universe is both simple and quite complex and surprising and something like follows:

Planet Earth is the center of our Solar System and Universe and is located between the Sun and planet Mars (see figure left). It rotates 360°/24hrs.

The Sun and planet Mars orbit each other around a location P away from the Earth at orbital speeds Vs for the Sun and Vm for Mars. All other planets in our Solar system orbit the Sun.

The forces F between Sun and Mars are equal and the Sun/Mars system is always in balance. Force F is a combination of centrifugal, electromagnetic, electric field and gravity type forces. Seen from Earth it seems Earth and Mars orbit the Sun, but it is an illusion. Earth just remains, where it is, all the time.

All the rest (Solar System and Universe) moves in my opinion relative Earth.

Furthermore, the Sun rotates around itself and, as its core rotates at a different speed than its surface, electromagneticelectric forces develop affecting Earth, that is also rotating around itself. The Sun, apart from ejecting photons (light/heat/energy), thus ejects invisible electromagnetic forces!

The Earth core is of iron and rotates all the time, while the Earth crust is solid and covered by water between the continents. The electromagnetic forces of the Sun thus heat up the core of the Earth producing everything we humans living on the crust of Earth can observe. Just open your eyes and observe it! Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr never understood why Earth was the center of the Universe.

A trajectory is the path of any object, any projectile or any spacecraft moving at variable speeds under the action of variable forces, e.g. Sun and Earth gravity, its own rocket engine and friction (lift/drag) of e.g. an atmosphere. Your position at any given time in a trajectory can be estblished, but when you do it, you are not there any longer.

Gravity is force that attract masses. The trajectory of a spacecraft flying between planets Earth and Mars is orbiting Earth in vacuum space is governed by the gravity forces of the planets in the vicinity and the Sun and by forces applied by its own rocket engine and it cannot be predicted as speeds, distances, directions and gravity forces change all the time. It is basic astrophysics! You don't know where you are.

Betelgeuse is one of the largest stars visible to the naked eye from our planet Earth. It is billion times bigger/heavier than our Sun. It is my favourite star in the Universe. I can see it from my window without any James Webb space telescope.

If the Betelgeuse star were at the center of our Solar System, its surface would lie beyond the asteroid belt and it would engulf the orbits of Mercury, Venus and Mars. It's mass is billions times bigger than that of our Sun's. Imagine that. Imagine trying to travel from Earth to the vicinity of Betelgeuse. It is pretty big and you cannot miss it! But from a distance it looks small.

A comet orbits the Sun - here seen from Earth 1911

A spacecraft simply cannot fly from Earth to Mars! Of course plenty experts say it has been done many times, but it is Fake News and propaganda every time!

An orbit is just a gravitational, normally curved path of an object A around another object B in space, i.e. a path followed by one heavenly body A, e.g. a planet, a moon or an artificial satellite around another planet or the Sun, object B, without any power used. The gravity forces between A and B are always in balance. The orbit can be circular or elliptical.

A geocentric orbit is around Earth (all objects ejected from Earth orbit Earth!), a heliocentric orbit is around the Sun, e.g. the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturnus, Neptunus, various comets, etc. As they have not been ejected from the Sun, it is not clear how they started to orbit the Sun. But by observation we can see that they apparently orbit the Sun.

Normally the mass of object A being ejected into orbit (e.g. a satellite or spacecraft) is much smaller than the mass of object B (e.g. Earth) that A orbits.

How the planets and asteroids started to orbit the Sun is, as already said, not known. We only know, by observation, that planets and comets orbit the Sun and that our Moon orbits Earth. If asteroids exist is another question. Maybe NASA just invented them too?

According Dr.
Razmik Mirzoyan completely other things happen in our Universe, e.g.

the fast Low Light Level photon detectors (SiPM, PMT, hybrid PMT), SENSE EU supported project for the EU Roadmap for the improved photon sensors, Astro Particle Physics with the TAIGA multiple component detector, including the small array of 4m class IACTs, the surface and underground muon detectors and the 'HiSCORE' detectors have observed things - photons - that behave strangely.

And Razmik is supported by Mathieu Jacobé de Naurois!  


11. Gamma ray astronomy

He is an expert of gamma ray astronomy, which is the most violent phenomena of the Universe. Ultra fast, invisible photons!! It came to him by chance, during a meeting, in 1996, with Eric Paré who would become his thesis director. Listen!

New technical possibilities (ultra-fast electronics and computer processing) finally made possible the exploration of a Universe, invisible to classical instruments, but predicted for decades. In retrospect, he was extremely lucky to be among the first humans to look at what he would call a new continent. He will never forget in particular the excitement, after long nights of work in Namibia, to finally see the first signals of photons emitted millions of years ago.

Imagine that! A stupid Frenchman seeing invisible photons emitted millions of years ago!!! In Namibia! But wait ...

In 2022 the Cherenkov Telescope Array, CTA, at Chile will see relativistic cosmic particles (sic) after €400.000.000:- investments! CTA will seek to understand the impact of high-energy particles in the evolution of cosmic systems and to gain insight into the most extreme and unusual phenomena in the Universe. CTA will search for annihilating dark matter particles (sic) and deviations from Einstein’s theory of relativity and even conduct a census of particle acceleration in the Universe. There are plenty people inventing incredible things about the Solar system. 

To complicate matters, when our planet Earth orbits the Sun in our solar system (or the other way around), it passes at regular intervals streams of cosmic debris called meteoroids. (When meteoroids enter Earth's atmosphere (or that of another planet, like Mars) at high speed and burn up, the fireballs or “shooting stars” are called meteors. When a meteoroid survives a trip through the atmosphere and hits the ground, it's called a meteorite). They are like cosmic particles with mass and high speed on parallel trajectories and thus they do not orbit anything. They produce visible meteor showers in the sky, when they burn up in the Earth's atmosphere around midnight or land. The origin of these meteoroids is not known but it is probably from outside our solar system. No astronomer on Earth can explain them except that they are not dark matter particles and that they do not orbit anything. Imagine that! They start somewhere and after a long trip in the Universe they burn up in our atmosphere in front of us! End of story!


12. Ultima Thule assteroid

Ultima Thule asteroid - 4.5 billions years old and 44.5 AU from the Sun and not damaged since then, when the fake photo was made

Ever heard of Ultima Thule?

The Ultima Thule assteroid orbits the Sun in 298 years at average 44.54 AU, i.e. it is 44.54 times further away from the Sun than Earth. It is outside planet Pluto that orbits the Sun at only average 39.5 AU distance, we are told.

There have been few to no disruptive impacts on funny Ultima Thule (picture left) since it was formed 4.5 billion years ago, we are told, so the details of its formation have been preserved.

It was discovered on 26 June 2014 by fake/criminal astronomer Marc Buie using the fake Hubble Space Telescope, so you can be sure it and everything else are 100% fantasy and don't exist. Marc has found 1 000's of minor planets and assteroids orbiting the Sun or his own asshole - all fake of course.

All orbits can be predicted, as an object in any orbit returns to where it once was; the trajectory of an orbit is closed and the gravity forces are known and in balance. The object A just goes round and around object B in the orbit - forever! Speeds, locations and directions vary all the time.

Most orbits are elliptic like the Sun's around the Earth. In December the Sun is closer to Earth than in July. It means that the orbital velocity of the Sun is faster in December than July, i.e. the orbital velocity is variable. It means that it is quite complex to calculate the exact location of the Sun in its geocentric orbit at any time. It means that any space travel is very complex.

How to put a simple satellite A into circular orbit in space around Earth/B?

You use a rocket! The rocket thus lifts, accelerates, directs through the atmosphere and finally lobs satellite A into the required orbit in space, i.e. high above the Earth atmosphere. At the right altitude and tangential speed the rocket engine is shut off and satellite A is lobbed into final orbit, while the rocket + engine drop down on Earth again and burns up, when re-entering the atmosphere. Complicated stuff!

Timing is essential. Final constant velocity of satellite A at the right altitude in the circular orbit must be tangential and of the right order. If too slow satellite A will drop back on Earth, if too fast the orbit becomes elliptic.

The equipment inside satellite A must be solid and robust. Satellite A spends half its time in low altitude, fast speed orbits exposed to the Sun and heats up. The other time is in the shade and satellite A cools down. If satellite A orbits Earth far above the equator in 24 hours at slow speed and great altitude, so satellite A is always above the same location on Earth - geostationary orbit, it is exposed to the Sun all the time, as the shade is smaller - no Earth acting as a parasol!

The United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, plenty idiots, incorrectly believed 2019 that "the Earth's orbital space environment constitutes a finite resource". Actually there are unlimited numbers of ways to orbit Earth and the probability of any object orbiting Earth will collide with another object orbiting Earth is 0! Imagine that the United Nations do not know the basics of Earth's orbits! All objects leaving Earth always orbit Earth and do not collide with anything.

No object or spacecraft starting from Earth can steer away from a geocentric orbit (around Earth) to a heliocentric orbit (around Sun), unless an internal or external force is applied to it at the right moment, location, direction, duration and size in original orbit. It makes any space travel between planets impossible.

You cannot simply jump from one orbit (around Earth) to another (around the Sun or the Moon). You cannot carry the fuel/energy/force with you! "Experts" suggest that changing orbits are possible by, e.g. gravity assists/flybys of other planets, e.g. a spacecraft starts in an Earth orbit, encounters another planet or Earth again and is kicked into a new orbit around that planet. It is utter nonsense and the foundation of all NASA lies about space travel.


13. Orbits in space

Do we know that orbits are real?

Yes! Galileo Galilei observed already 7 January 1610 how moons orbited planet Jupiter. Galilei also studied the moons orbiting planet Saturn. It upset plenty people at the time including the holy Pope, God's representative on Earth! His holiness maintained that he, Rome and the Earth were the center of the Universe. He could not accept that small moons orbited Jupiter and Saturn. Newton has later explained why small moons can orbit planets - see Newton's third law.


14. The speed of light

Römer, a clever Dane, also observed the moons orbiting Jupiter and their passing behind and in front of Jupiter and noted that these events started and ended at different times, when Jupiter was closer to and further away from Earth in space. As these events were signalled by light, Römer calculated the speed of light, c, through space! Previously people thought, that events happened when taking place regardless of time and location of observer. If something happens on Jupiter at noon, it happens on Earth much later, as the info only spreads at the speed of light through space from Jupiter to Earth.

We on Earth can see our Moon orbiting our planet Earth during a certain time. Earth doesn't orbit the Moon because the Moon is too small. A tail of a dog does not wag the dog. I can from my own window on Earth see planets Mars and Jupiter orbiting the Sun. Both are lit up by the Sun. Mars has two moons and Jupiter plenty moons. Just watch yourself!

The NASA/ESA spacecraft Cassini allegedly discovered two new Saturn moons 2004 after a strange space flight starting from Earth 1997, variable speed/direction trajectory/orbit of which passed the orbits of planets Venus and Jupiter around the Sun, when respective planets also happened, magically, to be there for a close encounter. The Cassini trip was 100% fantasy! A man made spacecraft starting from Earth cannot flyby planets and study local moons. I am a great fan of Galilei. 1610 there was no need for him to invent anything. He just observed and described orbits in space that anyone can see from Earth. Newton explained the physics/mechanics/dynamics of orbits later.


15. It is difficult to change orbits

A man made spacecraft initially orbiting Earth will always orbit Earth until the force of some other heavenly body, e.g. the Moon or the Sun, takes over, so you start orbiting that body or crash on it. But it is very difficult to change one orbit, e.g. around Earth, and enter another orbit, e.g. around the Moon or the Sun.

To do so you have to apply plenty force/energy to your spacecraft at the right altitude, location, time, direction, duration and size in space to get out of or modify the first, circular orbit around Earth, while still orbiting Earth, and then apply other force/energy to, after a while, enter a new orbit around Mars, the Moon, the Sun or whatever.

In my opinion, no man-made spacecraft can carry enough fuel/energy, equipment, crew, etc, to apply a force to itself to change orbit and later to return to the original orbit! Just going to the Moon and back requires four big changes in orbit, + a landing and a take off from the Moon. Example Apollo 11!

For a spacecraft just to reach the moving Moon from a high speed, low altitude, circular orbit around Earth, it has to modify its original, circular, constant speed orbit around Earth into an elliptical or eccentric one that will pass the Moon that orbits Earth, from which the Moon can attract the spacecraft at a location "X" in space. To do so the spacecraft must apply a force to change its orbit from circular to elliptical/eccentric. When arriving at "X", another force must be applied to the spacecraft for it to leave elliptical orbit Earth and to start orbiting the Moon, it is said. I know it cannot be done! Any journalist reporting new space trips anywhere should really ask, how it is done by any space traveller, either on board or remotely from Earth. Or is everything automatic navigation by computers? If so, who wrote the software?

The spacecraft's original
orbit is circular and at constant speed at low altitude around Earth - LEO, where the local, orbital, tangential velocity (m/s), the change of direction (°/s) and the gravity (inwards) and centrifugal (outwards) forces (N) are constant and in balance. When the orbit becomes elliptical or elongated or eccentric after applying a new, great rocket force in LEO, e.g. going to the Moon, there are many different, variable speeds/directions geo-orbits you can chose; curved (slow - two weeks), less curved (a little faster - one week) or fairly straight (fast - 2 days). The orbital, tangential speed, change of direction and gravity/centrifugal forces are variable and greater in the new, elliptical orbit, when the distance between the spacecraft and Earth is smaller and smaller when the distance is greater, etc, but the forces are always in balance. Speeds and directions change all the tiem.

The arrival time at "X" varies depending on the departure direction, speed, time and location out of circular orbit, the variable speed trajectory chosen and you have to be sure that the Moon is there, when you arrive at "X". The positions/tangential speeds/change of directions of a body in any geo-orbit can be determined/predicted. But ... how, when, where to leave geo-orbit at location "X", what force to apply, in what direction to start a new Moon-orbit?


16. Massachusetts Idiotic Technichians

Nobody knows in spite of MIT, Massachusetts Institute of (bad) Technology, of Boston saying it did it in the 1950's! It was Fake News then ... and today.

There are no ways to calculate the arrival time at and location at "X"! Ask Google how to fly to the Moon and you get no serious replies. Of course it is suggested that many spacecrafts have travelled to the Moon since the 1960's but ... they are all Fake News!

But don't worry! If you miss "X" and the Moon, you still orbit Earth and will return close to Earth after a while. But only to start another geo-orbit in space! Actually, there is no way to get out of any orbit and land on Earth - a re-entry - described further below.

Planets Venus and Mars (and other planets, comets and asteroids) orbit the Sun in our heliocentric system since billions of years without any assistance. Nobody knows how it started.

The Sun today orbits Earth in about 365 days at about 29 800 m/s tangential velocity and 360°/year change of direction. The Earth also rotates around itself at the north/south poles 360°/24 hrs. Above the Earth North pole is the Polaris star in our 3D solar system (the Milky way galaxy). It is 360-580 light-years further up and above (nobody knows), perpendicular from Earth orbiting the Sun and therefore always, an almost fixed (sic) point/star in the sky above the North Pole and perfect for navigation at sea, on ground and in the air, even if Earth rotation axis is tilted 23.5° relative the Earth/Sun orbital plane. Currently Polaris is extremely well suited to mark the position of the north celestial pole, as Polaris is a moderately bright star with a visual magnitude of 2.1 (variable), and it is located about one degree from the pole.  Anyone can see it! The Sun is only 0.000015812507 light-years from Earth.


17. What orbits what?

From my window on Earth planet Mars is sometimes seen outside and behind the Sun orbiting the Sun inside Mars at a certain time, but sometimes I have to look the other way to see Mars from Earth, when Earth is between Mars and Sun. Reason is different orbit times and locations of observations. It is well established by simple observation. Question remains what orbits what!

There are excited and enthusiastic people, friends (?) of mine, beliving today 2022 that the Sun and planet Mars are a binary couple of celestial objects orbiting each other with Earth more or less stationary in between or something similar. Venus and Mercury are moons of the Sun. Maybe Earth was another moon of the Sun that got stuck between the Sun and Mars by pure luck by electro-magnetic forces in a mysterious plasma field a long time ago?

In the TYCHOS solar system planet Earth is located at/near the barycenter of our Sun-Mars binary duo; Earth rotates around its axis once daily and revolves at about 1 mph around its circular Polaris-Vega-Polaris (PVP) orbit once every 25344 solar years. Polaris and Vega are the two most notable Northern stars under which Earth transits in the course of its 25344-year journey, commonly-known as the “precession of the equinoxes”.

Jupiter, Saturnus, Uranus and Pluto and comets orbit the Sun. It is the Simon-Shack-Tychos model below:

 I (Simon Shack) will uphold my "bold" yet well-grounded assertion that the TYCHOS is the most viable and accurate model of our solar system ever devised.

Another suggestion of Simon is that planet Venus orbits the Sun, while the Sun orbits planet Earth in year and that Earth (+ the Sun and Venus) orbits some invisible point in our Solar system held in place by the Sun and planet Mars orbiting each other - left.

Try to plan a trip in space from Earth to Mars in the TYCHOS system though!

More about TYCHOS!

Simon was a friend of mine. We inspected M/S Costa Concordia together a long time ago - 2012.

That partly sunk cruise ship, stranded on some rocks, was 2014 raised and removed, i.e. towed from the Giglio island rocks to Genoa, Italy, put in drydock 2016, the hull was repaired and ... the always not seaworthy ship was towed to sea again and completely sunk 2017.

It is the biggest marine insurance fraud ever - US$1 500 000 000:- !!!. Media do not care about it. The Master was found guilty of everything and is in jail until 2028! The ship was used to carry drugs from America to Europe and was sabotaged! But media cannot report it, as it will upset particular interests like the ship and drug owners, authorities and insurances. I have tried to contact Simon recently about it but ... no replies! His house outside Rome and him was apparently raided by police and Simon was arrested May/June 2022. Maybe it was the Vatican police?

Back to orbits around Earth or whatever, e.g. that stars and planets orbits each other when orbiting black holes, bla, bla, bla, with no fixed referenc in the Universe.

Most people agree that you cannot predict or calculate a trajectory of any man made spacecraft moving in a variable or non-uniform gravity field in a heliocentric planetary system, even if a fixed reference point exists. It means, of course, that all space trips outside Earth orbit are faked-up, invented fantasies and manipulations.

Travel in 3D space is not a pleasant 2D cruise at sea, where you navigate by sipping champagne and looking at the Sun, Moon, stars relative the Earth horizon and your clock ... or GPS ... and charts.

It seems nobody at NASA, ESA or people assisting Elon Musk can predict a simple trajectory Earth/Moon or Mars and what departure force to apply at what direction and how much fuel is burnt and at what arrival speed, direction and time to arrive at a location "X" in the vicinity of the target, where the gravity force of the target takes over ... and you have to brake! So you cannot calculate your trajectory Earth/Mars to start with. The speeds/directions vary all the time. Any search on Internet about this simple problem - trajectory Earth/Mars - confirms it ... you find only nonsense. To apply a temporary force of short durations on any spacecraft using a rocket engine consuming fuel to proceed towards a moving target, e.g. Mars, must be done at the correct location and time in space but ... you do not know in what direction to apply the force and for how long. You will always miss Mars ... and fly away in the Universe. Bye, bye Earth.

Elon Musk had other ideas September 2016! Elon's 100 passengers space craft takes only 80-150 days to fly straight to Mars and it will just brake and land on arrival like the Belgian reporter Tintin + dog 1953 on the Moon (right). Fuel for return to Earth will be manufactured locally. Elon lives in a fantasy world paid for 100% by ... NASA! I cannot understand how MSM can take Elon seriously, even he is one of the richest persons in the USA. When Elon speaks publicly he brings along 50 persons to cheer him in the audience. Same persons stop other people to ask serious questions. It reminds me of Hitler's Nazi-Germany and its Volkswagen cars and Stalin's USSR. Elon M also builds cars.

But Elon is not alone: The ESA spacecraft Rosetta departed from planet Earth 3/4 March 2005 to arrive - hole in one - at planet Mars 25/7 February 2007 - for a gravity assisted kick (see C. below) on its way to comet 67P! It took so long because Rosetta went around the Sun (!) in a funny trajectory in the meantime. I describe it in 1.19.1 below. It is just another fantasy that never happened. You cannot fly around in trajectories in space as suggested. Typical ESA! Rosetta finally crashed on the comet 67P on 30 September 2016 to finish the fantasy trip. The only scientific finding of the whole (fake) Rosetta trip is that comets are not 70-80% frozen water but 70-80% solid minerals of different types.

Imagine what the ESA astrophysicists can invent and lie about! And we European tax payers pay for it.

My understanding is that no spacecraft of any kind can carry enough fuel for any trip anywhere in space ... and return to Earth rotating around itself. All space trips are simply one-way trips into various Earth orbits.

I have not been able to understand how you can leave one orbit, e.g. around Earth, and start in another orbit, e.g. around the Sun with a straight or whatever trajectory in between. 


18. Gravity

It is important to know what gravity is and isn't. There are at least two explanations of gravity.

According Newton gravity is a force that somehow acts instantaneously between objects with mass in space, causing them to attract one another. The bigger the mass, the bigger the force. Gravity force is also a variable function of the distance between the two objects. The greater the distance, the smaller the force. Space and time are separate absolute entities and all objects (with mass) in them are affected by gravity forces.

I am a firm believer of gravity as a force. I have seen apples drop from trees due to gravity. Gravity affects human space travel trajectories between heavenly bodies and makes it impossible ... because the heavenly bodies are moving in their own orbits all the time, so the gravity forces applied to external objects vary all the time. You can maybe - miracle - move from one orbit to another but never arrive to the second orbit, when the heavenly body to be visited there happens to pass.

Newly elected US Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona says he has visited the Fake Space Station many times and then piloted the fake Shuttle back to ground. The only evidence is some TV footage of fat Mark floating weightless (no gravity!) in the Fake Space Station. What a stupid actor/show! Actually gravity applies also inside the Fake Space Station and Mark should walk on the ground facing Earth there.

Newton's gravity is only locally applicable on and around Earth. It is not applicable in the Universe or in our galaxy the Milky Way! Why? The Milky Way galaxy is very large - diameter 120 000 light years with a Black Hole (see below) in its centre! It means that it takes a photon 120 000 years to travel from one end to another in the Milky Way. I assume gravity is slower than that, which means that the infinite numbers of Solar Systems in our Milky Way galaxy cannot communicate with each other instantaneously by gravity. Other, unknown forces maybe in action, e.g. electro-magnetic ones!

 What the JWST takes photos of is just old stuff that existed a long time ago!


According Einstein gravity is not an ordinary force, but rather a property of space time geometry, i.e. a field - the product of bodies/masses moving through curved space time. Space and time are relative entities, interwoven into a "fabric" called space time in a dynamic universe space. Very complicated stuff and complete nonsense in my opinion. One result is that light, i.e. photons without mass travelling at the speed of light, is affected by this gravitational field, when passing, e.g. the Sun on way to the Earth. It has (maybe!) been verified studying the light of stars on Earth during eclipses and the light of stars hitting a NASA satellite orbiting Earth. The light from the stars changes direction (is bent), when passing the Sun, we are told. Why not? I haven't seen it, though, and I don't need glasses except for reading. It does not really affect artificial, man-made objects moving in space between Earth and its Moon or planets orbiting the Sun, etc. Einstein forgot that it takes a photon 120.000 years just to pass through the Milky Way, so all masses in the Universe must allow for it.

But then there is this video about Black Holes! Watch it and enjoy the music before proceeding. It is paid for by the US Black Hole sect:

countless, might, surmised, billions, gravity, impossible to see, concept, intrigued, gluttons, black holes, imaginary surface, event horizon, science fiction, dream, influence, won't let go, disappear, "maw", no detectable energy, accretion disk, light years, remarkable, appears, time-dilation, squeezed from side to side, gee whiz factor, infinitely dense pinpoint, laws of gravity break down so badly, event horizon, singularity, lost forever, actual size, if you squeezed the mass of the sun(!), sun isn't heavy enough, core's nuclear reaction, nuclear fuel, super nova, super-dense neutron star, infinitely dense, probably sprinkled, can't see it anymore, pipsqueaks, super massive black holes(!) - (I thought they were already infinite), even heavier!, 6.6 billion times, twice as wide as our entire solar system, one idea, collapse of giant clouds of gas, smaller building blocks, idea how, smaller stellar mass black holes, hundreds of solar masses, trillion times brighter than the sun, they can turn on again if they get enough to eat, best way to feed a black hole, black holes will feed on each other, in the future, very far future, extremely far future, Stephen Hawking (!), trillions of years, death rows of a black hole.

Black Hole in space
Its hypothesis (a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation) is that an object with infinite mass (and density) in space time - a Black Hole - will attract - by gravity - light with zero mass, so it cannot escape at all. The photons without mass flying around in space are sucked up by the Black Hole (left) and disappear forever.

Black Holes or singularities were discovered by cosmologist Stephen Hawking many years ago after looking too deep into glass of whisky, I assume! Such an asshole (?) in 3D cosmos or space is the result of a star collapsing into itself by gravity, when all hydrogen atoms of the star fuse into helium ones that fuse into or become other particles releasing energy/heat.

Stephen was suffering from ALS since 1963, a disease that killed my friend E in six months 2001/2.

Stephen was since 1986 a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, which was established in 1936 by Pope Pius XI, and has met three Popes. The theories of evolution and the Big Bang are real and God is not "a magician with a magic wand", Pope Francis has declared October 2014 at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. 

After a while all remaining particles are just a non-dimensional point of energy (!) or singularity in space without length, breadth and height but with indefinite density (!) or no density (energy has no density), unless they all disappeared into the fourth dimensions, according Stephen.


19. Black Holes

Image of Black Hole in space April 2019 - no peer review, no independent checking, just propaganda, no questions replied to
However, an image (left) of a Black Hole was published by Fake News media 11 April 2019!

People and astronomers on Earth said that they had found this invisible Black Hole (the black dot in the middle of the image) in the center of a galaxy in the Universe 50 million (!) light-years away. All lies. Just fantasies. They are just people that get together and publish lies of all sorts. If you ask a question - no replies! You can quote me!

This super massive black hole (a billion times heavier than our Sun) immortalised by a far-flung network of radio telescopes 2017/9 is 50 million light-years (!) away at the centre of a galaxy known as M87. How anyone can find such a small, invisible thing 50 million light-years (!) away is better not asked for. 

How to link
optical telescopes to work as a single device is nothing new. I have serious doubts about that technology to make an image of a celestial object at the center of a galaxy 50 million light years away. The object in question - an alleged Black Hole - has a diameter of our Solar system. The diameter of the Solar System is 180 AU or about 0.003 light years.

So a Black Hole with diameter 0.003 light years is 50 000 000 light years away. I doubt any radio or telescopes on Earth can make an image of it. It is lit up by some background light - a quasar - that surrounds the Black Hole!

Well, it was Ms. Katie Bouman (age 29) that managed to put the fake image together.

Maybe it was a selfie of her sexual organ? She is the latest star of the space fakers/fuckers show. This is business as usual. She wants a Nobel prize for the hole job! She doesn't understand that she was fooled to look at plenty gigaoctets of signal data and make something of it. Magic ... it became an image. More scientific nonsense about this image:

"The data is like an incomplete puzzle set," said team member Monika Moscibrodzka, an astronomer at Radboud University. "We only see pieces of the real true image, and then we have to fill in the gaps of the missing pieces."

"What we see in the image is the shadow of the black hole's rim - known as the event horizon, or the point of no return - set against the luminous accretion disk," Gueth told AFP.

The unprecedented image - so often imagined in science and science fiction -- has been analysed in six studies co-authored by 200 experts from 60-odd institutions and published Wednesday in Astrophysical Journal Letters.

"I never thought that I would see a real one in my lifetime," said CNRS astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet, author in 1979 of the first digital simulation of a black hole.

"We were desperately waiting for the data from the South Pole Telescope, which - due to extreme weather conditions during the southern hemisphere winter - didn't arrive until six months later," recalled Helger Rottmann from the Max Planck Institute.

It would take another year, however, to piece together the data into an image.

"To be absolutely sure, we did the work four times with four different teams," said Gueth.

"We are looking at a region we have never looked at before, that we cannot really imagine being there," said Heino Falcke, chair of the EHT Science Council.

Etc, etc.

May 2022 it was announced that a similar Black Hole had been found in the center of our own Milky Way galaxy at the Sagittarius A stars! It a 1 000 times smaller than the M87 one but looks the same. It was found by the Event Horizon Telescope, EHT, of the IRAM radio astronomy Institute. It is only 27.000 light years away! Of course it cannot be seen but plenty dust whirls around it at the speed of light it in the dark universe and against that background the Black Hole is visible, if you believe the EHT bullshit.

Anyway, a Pontifical Academy of Sciences with a criminal scientific fraud like Stephen as member is providing authoritative advice on scientific and technological matters including miracles of all kind. Listen:

"Creation, therefore, in time, and therefore, a Creator; and consequently, God! This is the statement, even though not explicit or complete, that we demand of science, and that the present generation of man expects from it".

Pius XII - 22 November 1951

Stephen Hawking, or a person/actor said to be him, died March 2018. He was probably just an actor in a strange show.

Black Hole in space

All his findings were never peer reviewed by anybody. They were just fantasies.

This would be a good time to remind you that black holes were invented and modelled before the dark matter catastrophe. Mainstream physics now admits that 95% of the universe - and therefore 95% of this Seyfert galaxy and proposed black hole - is a big question mark in the equations. It is a total unknown, and can't be included in the equations in any way. Every black hole model is a gravity-only model, and it doesn't include dark matter as a player in celestial mechanics, except in a small squishy way via the cosmological constant. …

It is very easy to spot a Black Hole in the UNIVERSE. Just look out for a quasar! They are everywhere, we are told! But do not mix a quasar with a pulsar!


The first pulsar was not observed until November 28, 1967, by Ms. Jocelyn Bell Burnell (b. 1943) and Mr. Antony Hewish. They used a new type of radiotelescope that spotted it!

A pulsar (from pulse and -ar as in quasar) is a highly magnetized rotating neutron star that emits beams of electromagnetic radiation out of its magnetic poles, we are told. The magnetic axis of the pulsar determines the direction of the electromagnetic radiation, with the magnetic axis not necessarily being the same as its rotational axis. This misalignment causes the beam to be seen once for every rotation of the neutron star, which leads to the "pulsed" nature of its appearance, if you follow the bla, bla?

The events leading to the formation of a pulsar begin when the core of a massive star is compressed during a supernova, which collapses into a neutron star. The neutron star retains most of its angular momentum, and since it has only a tiny fraction of its progenitor's radius (and therefore its moment of inertia is sharply reduced), it is formed with very high rotation speed. Today 2021, scientists know of only about 2 000 pulsars. These rotating "lighthouse" neutron stars begin their lives as stars between about seven and 20 times the mass of our Sun. Imagine that. There is a star. Then it collapses. Supernova! And then a new star is born. Haleluja!


A quasar (also known as a quasi-stellar object) is, on the other hand, an extremely luminous active galactic nucleus, in which a supermassive black hole with mass ranging from millions to billions of times the mass of the Sun is surrounded by a gaseous accretion disk, bla, bla! As gas in the disk falls towards the black hole, energy is released continously in the form of electromagnetic radiation, which can be observed across the electromagnetic spectrum (if you put your glasses in). The power radiated by quasars is enormous: the most powerful quasars have luminosities thousands of times greater than a galaxy such as the Milky Way, we are told. More than 500.000 quasars have been found in the sky and are easy to spot.

In 1974, Antony Hewish and Martin Ryle, who had developed revolutionary radio telescopes, became the first astronomers to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences noting that Hewish played a "decisive role in the discovery of pulsars". Ms. Jocelyn Bell Burnell didn't get any Nobel Prize! She only spotted one pulsar poor girl.

Same year 1974, Joseph Hooton Taylor, Jr. and Russell Hulse discovered for the first time a pulsar in a binary system. This pulsar orbits another neutron star with an orbital period of just eight hours.

Einstein's theory of general relativity predicts that this binary star system should emit strong gravitational radiation, causing the orbits to continually contract as they lose orbital energy. Observations of this pulsar soon confirmed this prediction, providing the first ever evidence of the existence of gravitational waves. As of 2010, observations of this pulsar continue to agree with general relativity. In 1993, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Taylor and Hulse for the discovery of this pulsar.

A quasar is thus a compact (sic) region in vacuum space surrounding a super massive Black Hole and emitting enormous amounts of electromagnetic energy/light, as mass from the core of a surrounding galaxy, under the influence of the Black Hole's gravity, falls onto its accretion disc.

You follow? Mass falls (by gravity?) onto its accretion disc! As light!

70% of the 'stars' or illuminated points you see, when you watch the sky at a clear night, are quasars falling into Black Holes with infinite mass nearby. Did you know it?

There are 1.000's of Black Holes that you cannot see from Earth, because they are invisible but just beside 70% of all those illuminated, compact points you can really see a quasar. The other points are just old, real stars.

A quasar in space dropping mass into a Black Hole! The yellow right thing is visible, the left blue thing is really black ... and cannot be seen!

I do not believe in 500
.000 quasars either. They are another invention of sick and criminal asstronomers and asstrophysicists to keep them busy. Do I believe in 2 000 pulsars? I haven't seen any! Should I buy a new radiotelescope? No, I simply do not believe that 2 000 supernovas have collapsed to become new superstars - pulsars - neutron stars. But to be fair. There is something out in the Universe emitting electromagnetic radiation pulses. Read on. Isn't it fascinating?


There is a Black Hole much closer - Sagittarius A*! It is at the centre of our galaxy the Milky Way. It is only 26.000 (!) light-years away, we are told. I doubt it. No photo has been taken of it.

People said 10 August 2017 (!) they had discovered a Black Hole - Sagittarius A* - at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy universe with a finite mass 4.15 × 106 greater than the mass of our Sun. It is only 26 000 light-years away from Earth but no quasar was reported close by, reason being that the nearest quasar is 600 million light-years away. How this Black Hole just around the corner from Earth in the Milky Way can collide with anything and where it came from are not clear either!

The old UNIVERSE, that we are told astronuts fly around in today, was created a long time ago out of the first gravitational singularity ever heard of.

The UNIVERSE was created out of a Black Hole in reverse! By God?

Gravitational singularity in action
"All matter and energy of the entire visible UNIVERSE was contained in an unimaginably hot, dense point - gravitational singularity - a billionth the size of a nuclear particle."

All the photons and energy of the UNIVERSE was concentrated in one point. Magic! Inch Allah! It was hot and dense.

Its temperature was a hot 1032 K (Kelvin) or a much hotter 1047K. Jesus Christ! A second later the Lepton epoch started and the temperature was only 109 K. In one second the temperature of the expanding UNIVERSE had sunk 1021 K! Someone had thrown a bucket of water on it to cool it down?

Aurélien Barrau (born 19 May 1973 in Neuilly-sur-Seine) is a typical French, new generation, end of the world clown specialized in astroparticle physics, Black Holes (Aurélien thinks there are millions of Black Holes everywhere that you can visit) and is inventor of the equation of remanence, etc. He works (LOL) with >220 others in the CNRS Laboratory for Subatomic Physics and Cosmology (LPSC) that trains a new generation of pseudo scientists!  He never goes to a barber as he considers himself a poet!

"La poésie, c'est la précision. La poésie, c'est à la fois la maîtrise souveraine de la grammaire, l'humble soumission à la syntaxe, et le droit - presque le devoir - de pourtant réinventer à chaque strophe, ... Elle débute par une exploration patiente et savante du réel"

he says. I consider him an imagineer, a job described by Ralph René in his funny book NASA MOONED  AMERICA! I recommend the book but notes that Ralph never considered how the astro-nots went to the toilet, etc.

Astroparticle physics, also called particle astrophysics, is a branch of particle physics that studies elementary particles of astronomical origin and their relation to astrophysics and cosmology. It is a new (sic) field of research emerging at the intersection of particle physics, astronomy, astrophysics, detector physics, relativity, solid state physics, cosmology and similar things or fantasies. Partly motivated by the alleged discovery of nonsensical neutrino oscillation, the astroparticle physics field has undergone rapid development, both theoretically and experimentally, since the early 2000s, we are told by "experts".  Most of it appears to be pure fantasies.


20. Gravitational Waves

I do not believe in Black Holes with finite or infinite masses or energies or dimensions in space surrounded by quasars, or e.g. that two Black Holes with quasars collided 1.3 billion light-years ago/away and formed a new Black Hole that deformed the space time producing gravitational waves that were detected and seen 14 September 2015, by two Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatories at US states of Louisiana and Washington at 11h50m45s Paris local time, when passing through Earth on that day ... 1.3 billion light-years later:

"The staggering strength (?) of the merger gave rise to a new black hole and created a gravitational field so strong that it distorted space time in waves that spread throughout space with a power about 50 times stronger than that of all the shining stars and galaxies in the observable universe. Such events are, incredibly, thought to be common in space, but this collision was the first of its kind ever detected and its waves the first ever seen."

What bullshit!

Two hot Black Holes in space without quasars prior collision becoming one dark Black Hole distorting space time!


Black Holes collisions, common in space - once a month - and waves discovered in the gravitational field are just pseudoscience in my opinion. Anyway, I didn't notice anything 14 September 2015. Of course the change was smaller than one ten-thousandth the diameter of a proton and my eyes cannot see such amazing things. I really think that Black Holes in space are shear propaganda and Fake News!

Here is more nonsense about Black Holes taught at university by Dr. Richard Feynman. Richard was a real, pseudoscientific asshole and womanizer fucking around everywhere. He was part of the team that invented the fake atomic bomb 1942/5 and another team that investigated/invented a fake Shuttle accident 1986/8. In between he invented all sorts of fake things about 'quantum electrodynamics' - complete nonsense that gave him the Nobel Prize physics 1965.

3 October 2017 the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences decided to award the Nobel Prize in Physics 2017 with one half to Rainer Weiss, LIGO/VIRGO Collaboration and the other half jointly to Barry C. Barish, LIGO/VIRGO Collaboration and Kip S. Thorne, LIGO/VIRGO Collaboration. Takaaki Kajita thought it was fantastic. What another joke! Actually the four persons mentioned are the latest, Nobel pseudoscientific prize winning criminals I know. It is sad. Similar to the Nobel Prize for Peace 2017 given to some other clowns.

The reason was that on 14 September 2015, a universe's gravitational wave (GW150914) or waves were observed for the very first time by Rainer, Barry and Kip with Taakati cheering on. The wave or waves, which were predicted by Albert Einstein a hundred years ago, came from a collision between two Black Holes 1.3 billion years ago, we were told. It took 1.3 billion years for the wave or waves to arrive - at the speed of light - at the LIGO detector in the USA. And I didn't notice it at Beausoleil on 14 September 2015. So no Nobel Prize for me! This year. But 2019? 

Another collision or space time ripple event (or what?) took place on 25 or 26 December 2015 (GW151226) and a third on 4 January 2017 (GW170104) and a fourth on 17 August 2017 (GW170814) at 14.41 hrs and more gravitational waves were recorded.

GW170814 was a gravitational wave signal from two merging black holes, detected by the LIGO and Virgo observatories on 14 (sic) August 2017. On 27 September 2017, the LIGO and Virgo collaborations announced the observation of the signal, the fourth confirmed event after GW150914, GW151226 and GW170104. It was the first binary black hole merger detected by LIGO and Virgo together.

Image credit: LIGO/Caltech/MIT/Sonoma State (Aurore Simonnet)
"LIGO has discovered a new population of black holes with masses that are larger than what had been seen before with X-ray studies alone (purple (left)). The three confirmed detections by LIGO (GW150914, GW151226, GW170104), and one lower-confidence detection (LVT151012), point to a population of stellar-mass binary black holes that, once merged, are larger than 20 solar masses—larger than what was known before."

It seems that LIGO has missed Black Hole - Sgr A* - at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy universe with a finite mass 4.150.000 greater than the mass of our Sun.

But my dear old Europe is not far behind! The European Virgo gravitational wave laboratory at Pisa, Italy, started only 1 August 2017 and already 17 August 2017 it registered a gravitational wave due to the collision of Black Holes of 31 and 25 Sun masses that took place a Friday only 1.800.000.000 years ago far away. Imagine that!

This new Black Hole has a mass of only 53 Sun's. The missing three masses is the energy of the 1
.800.000.000 years old gravitational wave according to plenty European experts, e.g. Benoit Mours, LAPP, Annecy, Patrice Hello, LAL, Orsay and Thibault Damour, IHES, Paris. All according to Physical Review Letters that publish weekly nonsense of Black Holes, bla, bla bla, since many years! Nothing can escape from a Black Hole except gravitational waves. Why we build expensive instruments and employ and pay crazy physicists to find them is a mystery.

But maybe it wasn't a Black Holes collision?

The neutron star collision 130 million light-years ago but observed on Earth 17 August 2017 (left) unlocks cosmic mysteries we are told by media: 

The two neutron stars converged in the galaxy NGC 4993, on 17 August only 130 million light-years from Earth, emitting gravitational waves in the process.

Imagine - two neutron stars converged!

The mysterious, single, lonely 17 August 2017 gravitational wave was apparently formed only 130 million years ago in a neutron stars collision or convergion (!!) as follows:

i. First, two, very dense heavenly bodies (probably neutron stars - it is not certain) danced around each other at very great speeds somewhere in the Universe, actually the Hydra constellation (see vii. below).

Photo of the neutron star collision in the star constellation Hydra, that consists of billions of galaxies and named after a fantasy sea serpent. The collision took place 130 million years ago

neutron star is the collapsed core of a large star having between 10 and 29 solar masses. A supernova! Neutron stars are the smallest and densest stars known to exist. Though neutron stars typically have a radius on the order of 10 kilometers, they can have masses of about twice that of the Sun. A neutron star can also be a very small, super-dense star which is composed mostly of tightly-packed neutrons. It has a thin atmosphere of hydrogen according some experts. Imagine a star ... with atmosphere! It has a diameter of about 5-16 km and a density of roughly 1015 kg/m3. There are thought to be around 100 million neutron stars in our galaxy the Milky Way. But no pulsars (see above) have been seen in the Milky Way recently.

So two such heavy, solid, dense stars rotated around each other until they suddenly ...

ii. second, collided releasing great amounts of energy. Imagine that! According other experts they just fused and became one bigger neutron star. However ...

iii. the collision was so violent that the space time structure (whatever that is?) vibrated - only once! - and released one, only one, gravitational wave into the 3D universe. Imagine that! But there is no evidence for anything except contradictory press releases and Google articles ... so

iv. third, like 2D waves formed in the interface sea water/air, when you drop a stone in the water, this lonely 3D wave - pressure pulse? - propagated through the 3D space time structure at the speed of light, until it, 130 million years later, passed the two American LIGOs and the European VIRGO Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatories. We are thus told:

Approximately 130 million years ago, ... two neutron stars were in their final moments of orbiting each other, separated only by about 300 kilometers, or 200 miles, and gathering speed while closing the distance between them. As the stars spiraled faster and closer together, they stretched and distorted the surrounding space-time, giving of energy in the form of powerful gravitational waves, before smashing into each other.

It seems that more than one wave was formed, but only one wave or pressure pulse was recorded 130 million years later here on Earth. I have to admit that I didn't notice it. Maybe I was asleep?

v. The wave or pressure pulse passed the three observatories during 0.01 seconds. It was 100 times longer than the three previous gravitational wave observations due to Black Holes collisions! Imagine that ... 100 times longer ... and

vi. fourth, less than two seconds later the American Fermi and the European Integral satellites recorded a short burst of gamma radiation! It is assumed the origin is the collision 130 million years ago. So

vii. fifth, less than five hours later the location of the origin of the collision was established to be in the star constellation Hydra, that consists of billions of galaxies and named after a fantasy sea serpent. The collision however took place in one of only fifty Hydra galaxies as seen (!) by a small telescope located at Las Campanas, Chile. What was seen, and recorded, was a blue light flash - gamma rays? - turning red, then infrared and finally disappearing as a radio signal.

viii. Sixth, actually the discovery (!) of the collision lasting 0.01 second producing one little gravitational wave was made using the US-based LIGO detectors, the Europe-based Virgo detector and some 70 other ground- and space-based observatories. Bla, bla, bla! What a stupid show!  

ESA is also faking gravitational waves research 2018. The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA), is an ESA mission designed to detect and accurately measure gravitational waves from astronomical sources like Black Holes, but also White Dwarfs and Neutron stars.

According Julien Lavalle of Laboratoire Univers et Particules de Monpellier, LUPM, there are at least two types of Black Holes! One low mass type that starts with the collapse of a star at the end of its life. The other type is much more massive and is of unknown origin. Neither can be observed as all types of Black Holes cannot be seen. They do not reflect any light, you know. But maybe they eject ULX! UltraLuminous X-rays:

Black holes are observed (sic) in nature (? universe or space) with masses of the order of ten times the mass of the Sun, and with masses of millions to billions the solar mass. The former are 'stellar black holes', the end product of massive stars, while the latter are 'super massive black holes', and exist in the centers of galaxies. Intermediate-mass black holes (IMBHs) are a hypothetical third class of objects, with masses in the range of hundreds to thousands of solar masses. Intermediate-mass black holes are light enough not to sink to the centre of their host galaxies by dynamical friction, but sufficiently massive to be able to emit at ULX luminosities without exceeding the Eddington limit. If a ULX is an intermediate-mass black hole, in the high/soft state it should have a thermal component from an accretion disk peaking at a relatively low temperature (kT ˜ 0.1 keV) and it may exhibit quasi-periodic oscillation at relatively low frequencies.

You follow? An intermediate-mass Black Hole 'may exhibit quasi-periodic oscillation at relatively low frequencies', so it can be seen! But it also ejects gravitational waves at the speed of light!

Gravitational waves astronomy is an emerging branch of observational astronomy which aims to use gravitational waves to collect observational data about sources of detectable gravitational waves such as binary star systems composed of white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes; and events such as supernovae, and the formation of the early universe shortly after the Big Bang.

A White Dwarf is a small, very dense, hot star that is made mostly of carbon according asstronomers. These faint stars are what remain after a Red Giant star loses its outer layers, we are told. Their nuclear cores are depleted. They are about the size of the Earth (but tremendously heavier)! They will eventually lose their heat and become a cold, dark Black Dwarf. Our sun will someday turn into a White Dwarf and then a Black Dwarf. The companion of Sirius is a White Dwarf. A Red Giant star is a relatively old star whose diameter is about 100 times bigger than it was originally, and had become cooler (the surface temperature is under 6.500K). They are frequently orange in color. Betelgeuse is a Red Giant star. It is about 20 times as massive as the Sun and about 14.000 times brighter than the Sun, and about 600 light-years from Earth. According Wikipedia. Therefore it can be seen!


A Neutron Star is a very small, super-dense star which is composed mostly of tightly-packed neutrons. Sometimes it is a pulsar! It has a thin atmosphere of hydrogen according some experts. Imagine a star ... with atmosphere! It has a diameter of about 5-16 km and a density of roughly 1015 kg/m3. It is very heavy ... but a Black Hole of any type is much smaller and much heavier. There are thought to be around 100 million neutron stars in our galaxy the Milky Way but no pulsar has been seen. Imagine what people can invent. There is though no evidence for anything mentioned above.

In 2018 and 2019 no new gravitational waves or pressure pulses have been recorded! People think the previous gravitational waves or pressure pulses are a hoax.


Just to make things clear:

I do not believe that all the matter and energy of the UNIVERSE was created by a Big Bang gravitational singularity bright FLASH 13.8 billions of years ago as suggested by Mr. Alex Filippenko or God or whatever. I do not believe the UNIVERSE is 85% full of black, invisible materia as suggested by Ms. Risa Wechsler or White Dwarfs or Neutron Stars or pulsars and, finally, Black Holes of different types that will collide, produce gravitational waves or pressure pulses or suck up again all the matter and energy of the UNIVERSE, so it one day will finish to exist ... or start all over again. I am not alone suggesting that gravitational waves are a hoax.

I also do not believe in faint cosmic microwave background fluctuations, only 1/100,000 compared to the 2.73K average temperature of the radiation field. First I don't believe that the cosmic microwave background radiation is a remnant of the Big Bang and, second, that the 1/100 000 fluctuations - the density ripples - are an imprint of density contrast in an early UNIVERSE that existed during 300,000 years after a Big Bang.

The density ripples are said to have given rise to the visible structures that populate the UNIVERSE today: clusters of 2?000 billion galaxies and vast regions devoid of galaxies billions of light years away. LOL! But you cannot measure 1/100 000 fluctuations in temperature of a cosmic microwave background. No instrument can do it. It is all fakery.

I consider any scientists, radio telescope inventors and astronomers suggesting it - with shaky, false instruments in balloons, spy planes and satellites - as religious, stupid, crazy, religious, myth creating idiots. Giving Nobel prizes to them is a shame. But so is the case. Few complain. I just laugh about it.

The 1/2 2019 Nobel prize physics was therefore given to 84 years old imagineer Mr. James Peebles "for theoretical discoveries in physical cosmology." And what are they? Cosmos/the Universe is like a cappuccino with sugar on top, i.e. 69% coffee/black energy, 26% cream/black material and 5% sugar/visible material of ordinary atoms - and some Black Holes in it ... according James! Of course there is no evidence of any black energy or material in the Universe, but who cares nowadays? Imaginary fantasies are top of the pops 2022!


21. A little about Particle Physics

Particle physics (also known as high energy physics) is a branch of physics that studies the nature of the elementary particles that constitute matter and radiation.

An elementary particle or fundamental particle is a subatomic particle that is not composed of other particles. Via quantum theory, protons and neutrons were found to contain quarks now considered elementary particles. Niels Bohr's dear protons and neutrons are thus just particles, but not elementary ones.

According to the current models of Big Bang nucleosynthesis, the primordial composition of visible matter of the Universe, i.e. 5% of the lot, should be about 75% hydrogen and 25% helium-4 (in mass). Thanks to photons we can see it!

A photon is an elementary particle that is a quantum of the electromagnetic field, including electromagnetic radiation such as light and radio waves, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. Photons are massless, so they always move at the speed of light in vacuum, 299.792.458 m/s. The photon belongs to the class of bosons, etc, etc, bla, bla!

A Swedish Nobel prize winner physics asked me 1964, what I planned to study in the future to make a living. I said particle physics. He suggested that I studied something else not to waste my time!! And this I did!


22. The Electric Universe

As you have read until here you can probaly spend an hour listening to this.


23. Single-atom Analysis, can cause Material Damage

Listen to this about annular dark field scanning transmission electron microscopy (ADF-STEM):

"The elemental identification of the atoms was available with real-time tracking of the moving atoms, while ADF-STEM allowed the atoms to be observed under electron dose. This helped us avoid high current densities typically needed for single-atom analysis, which can cause material damage,"

explains Dr. Imaoka.


Thanks a lot for reading all above!


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