The Coulombi Egg Oil Tanker - Iran & China
Better protection, safer and more economical than Double Hull


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The COULOMBI EGG oil tanker design - is the best and safest design for Iran China oil trade 2021-2046! And such tankers will probably be built 2024+!

April 2021 the Islamic Republic of Iran, IRI, and the People's Republic of China, PRC, have signed a 25 years agreement about trade and cooperation. The details are secret but they are quite simple.

IRI will provide crude oil and gas to PRC and PRC will provide industrial goods, etc, to IRI. It will ensure peace and prosperity for both parties and their neighbours until 2046, which probably upsets USA a lot! But it is good for the world.

It will resolve the world 'nuclear arms' crisis. PRC says it has nuclear arms and IRI is alleged to secretly develop nuclear arms since many years but as nuclear arms are just propaganda that nonsense is left out of the IRI/PRC 2021 agreement. It seems PRC will assist IRI to build nuclear electric power plants of French/EDF design in the future. Nuclear electric power plants are of course the best solution for land based electricty production anywhere.

IRI may also lease some of its islands in the straight of Hormuz to PRC for military bases to protect the furture trade agreement and ensure peace in the Persian Gulf!

IRI and PRC are both parties to the IMO Marpol convention about oil tanker design and the oil exported by IRI to PCR will be carried by tankers and as the best design is the COULOMBI EGG oil tanker design, I hope it will be used as it is approved by IMO since 1997.

I assume the new COULOMBI EGG oil tankers will be built in PRC but any country can build them. The concept (see links left above) developed by me is today available free of charge. The tankers cannot enter US ports. US, a signatory of the IMO Marpol conventiion, does not allow such tankers to enter US ports.